Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Oakley Elementary Playground Tool Fund

 This playground build is kicking my butt.   We are spending way more time on the effort than we anticipated.  The team at Oakley Elementary and the reward of bringing the community together to build the playground are the things that keep me going.

The core team is working their tails off, recruiting, gathering food sponsors, permitting, logistics etc.

We are convinced the effort will be worth it though.

We are 1 week out from the beginning of the build.  We have 2 prep days, July 17 and 18 and build day on July 19th.   But,  we are coming up  a little short on tools.  We are lacking about 15 drills, 5 claw hammers, some extension cords (300 feet worth)  and a generator. 

If you have any loaner tools you can get to us, let me know asap.  If not, please consider donating so that we can buy the tools.  After the project, the school will keep the tools and have them available for clubs and other school projects.
 Donate Here

Thanks for your time.  Look for more bike pics after July 19th!

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