Monday, June 29, 2015

Sailboat Racin'

 We spent the afternoon down at the lake racing our O'day Widgeon.  The Widgeon is not a race boat, but intended to be a leisurely day sailor.  But, its all I got so I race it.  I come in close to last almost every race, but since the boat has such a huge handicap, I'm still in contention and give the Flying Scots  a run for their money.
 The wife had to work but she stopped by for a bit to check out the action.  She says it looks like fun and wants to join in next time!  I say "yeah"!
The kid also got in on some fun time of his own.  He is not confident about sailing in gusty winds yet, so he gets to paddle about in his kayak.  I love that this kid is enjoying the water! 

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