Thursday, July 09, 2015

Staycation Continues

 Since I was supposed to be out of town this week, I have some spare time.  I usually tend to fill my spare time with work stuff, but my mind and gut are telling me that I should take a break and recoup my sanity so that I can finish the summer strong.  It isn't until I stop doing what I'm doing that I realize how long it has been that I needed a break and how good it feels to take said break. 

I rode out through Leicester and while I did look out for Bill, I did not see him.
 I did find this little guy who I stopped to move into the moist grass.  He hissed at me, but I have other friends who tend to hiss and as long as there is no biting, I'm ok with that.  We all have bad days!  

 A not so quick stop in Marshall and a BLT at Zuma coffee.   I stopped in to see Rod at Brushy Mountain Bicycles.  Cool little shop and the guy has the drive and know how to make it work.  Stop in and get some lube or a tube, or even a bike!   He rents as well. 

I decided to go big and do a route that I had never done before.  Up the river, up Moticello through Weaverville, up Ox Creek and down the parkway.  The pavement and exposure in Weaverville almost shut me down, but I made it to the creek on Reems Creek rd to cool down.  

I planned to stop at the Exxon, but they were out of business, so I stopped at the Reems Creek FD.   They weren't to eager to help me fill my bottles but one of the guys finally warmed up to me and got me some ice and filtered water.  He told me the water from Weaverville tastes like crap.  

 Ox Creek Rd tried to kick my butt but I had a few tricks up my sleeve and I was having none of it's resistance.  I crept up going 3mph and raised a ruckus by posting the above  pic on Facebook....

I got home, got some business stuff taken care of and headed out to the lake to work on some skills for the race this weekend!   I hope it cools down a bit and the wind blows.  I'm ready!

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