Friday, July 31, 2015

Summer Heat

 When I get a free day in the middle of the summer, I take advantage of it.  I loaded up the kid and we headed down to Lake Jame for some fishin' and lake swimmin'.   It was so hot that the lake didn't really cool us off much.  While it was an adventure, we agreed that we would not come back during the summer.....
We got back in time for me to head down to the Liberty Bikes Thursday Night Ride.  About about a dozen folks showed up.  I had a blast hanging out with old friends, chatting and joking around.  I was able to glean some more helpful info. 

If you want to ride with a group, or currently ride with a group, here are a couple of tips that will help those around you stay safe and happy:

-Always ride smooth and steady.  Don't be jerky,  don't surge, don't swerve, hold your line.... If talking distracts you from riding in a safe manner,  stop talking and focus on riding smoothly.

-Always, always, always, wash your body and your kit before riding with others......  

If the shoe fits wear it.

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