Sunday, October 11, 2015

Fall Is Here

Here we go.  Fall is in the air, and I've been in a funk.  I'm not sure why.  I think it is a combination of lots of things and I'm plain worn out.  From the playground build last winter/spring, the busy summer and now the push to raise the funds for the swingset,  I realized that I have not had much time for myself and have not had many personal successes, as far as athletic endeavors, this year. 

I finished the stage race and that was great, then I finished ORAMM which was great too.  But,  I didn't get much else done.   Probably the least amount of events that I have done in a year, in a very long time. 

I didn't think I would miss it too much, but I do.  I love the specific training leading up to the event, then the actual event. 

I have accomplished a lot this year for the greater good, and that has been time and energy well spent.  I'm going to have to look for some more balance next year though. 

Balance is so important in every aspect.  

I've gotten back into trail running, as I often do this time of year.  I'll run for another month then start focusing on the bike again,  keeping running as an option for when the weather turns nasty!  

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