Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Slow Bloggin'

My blog has definitely slowed down quite a bit lately.   My life has changed though and I'm not sure you want to hear about it.  I started writing to talk about daily life and my adventures.  I still have daily life,  most of it pretty boring and my adventures have all but vanished.

Take today for instance.  I dropped the kid off at school before the sun had officially risen.  I went back home and ate a bagel (my go to breakfast) and coffee.  I went to The Bicycle Thrift Shop and worked on some bikes,  then went to Liberty Bikes to pick up some donated bikes and gear. 

After that, I went back to the shop to drop off the donations.  I then went to The Regeneration Station to check on the booth there.  Then I went to my office to work on e-mails etc. 

I squeezed in a 40 minute run, had some lunch, did some more boring office work.  I often stop around 2pm and realize that I am close to putting in an 8 hr work day.  But then remember that I still have another  8hrs to go before bed. 

I pick the kid up from school, do some yard work, take the family out to dinner for some pizza.  The wife heads to work her night shift, I take the kid to the park to play soccer.  We hang out at the park with a bunch of other neighborhood kids.

A quick stop at the Oakley Food Market ( livin' on the edge I know) for some ice cream.

Then back home for the bed time routine.  

And, that is why I'm not blogging much at this point. 

I hope that I will be having more adventures in the future and can entertain you some more! 

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