Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Gravel Bikes

Gravel roads, or "groads" as my friend Michael C. calls them,  have become very popular for training, racing and just getting out. 

I have been using  my steel frame mtn bike as my gravel grinder, set up with Kenda Small Block 8's, and it has been serving me well.  But, it is on the heavy side and one size too small so it lacks in performance and speed.

I started setting some money aside with the hopes of getting one of the Salsa Warbirds
but ended up getting a tooth crowned instead.  Back to the drawing board, I went to visit Kevin H at Liberty Bicycles here in Asheville and he recommended the Vittoria "Open Pave" in 700x27.  I was skeptical but he knows his stuff so some trust was in order.   
I got them mounted up on my Foundry Ratchet and took off for the gravel roads of Bent Creek.   After 8 miles of pavement, I hit the gravel for the big test.   They did the trick.   I was a little slow on downhills and turns, not wanting to flat or washout, but the tires are great.   They enabled me to ride the entire gravel road loop before heading back out to the pavement and back home again. 

If you want all the technical specs, give Liberty a call.  If you want to go groading and only have a road bike, go get a pair, mount them up and start riding!  

Back to saving for that Warbird!

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John Elliss said...

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