Saturday, January 02, 2016

New Year

2 days into the new year and I'm realizing something that I can never comprehend.  I am in a place in life that I never thought I would be in and I don't feel like it is something I have earned or tried to get to.   I consider myself successful, not by the capitalistic standards that are used in most businesses,  but by the beat of my heart.  

I have the opportunity to do something I love.  After so many years of trying to do what I enjoying and being held back or prevented for one reason or another,  I'm finally doing what I love: sharing my passion for the outdoors with kids. 

While there are things that I need/want,  I have everything I need for today..... and then a lot more.

I'm gonna share something with you, because it is the basis of my world view.  I don't have all the answers and know that I never will.  I have found a way to cope with this crazy, confusing, awesome, amazing, terrible life and have a deep desire to share that. 

I believe that we were created for a purpose: to love.  I believe that after that, everything else falls into place.  But, you gotta start with loving yourself.   I'm 43 and and finally at a place where I feel like I am starting to accept myself for who I am. 

I don't do everything right, but I don't do everything wrong either.  Growing up, I lived in an environment where I never felt like I was good enough,  I lived in fear of disappointing those around me,  failing my family and failing God.   That fear has followed me around for my whole life.  I've managed to work on it, but I don't know that I'll ever be able to overcome it completely.  It is more of an annoying trait now than a fear.

And that is how and why I (and the wife) stepped out in faith and started Trips For Kids WNC.  I had a dream of what I could do to help the kids in our community and the only way to get that rolling was to step out and do it.  

And here I am, 5 years later and still loving it!    I can't wait to see what another 5 yrs brings!

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