Monday, June 06, 2016

Another Amazing Weekend

Selfie at 60mph is difficult
 One year ago, we bought tickets to Navitat for the kid's birthday.  We weighed him at his doc's visit a couple weeks before to make sure he met the  70lb min.   We excitedly drove out to the site, checked in and got weighed.  According the Navitat's scale, he was 64 lbs.   I accepted the lame dad of the day award and the kid cried.  We were all very frustrated.  Navitat was kind enough to refund 2 tickets and give us a voucher for the 3rd. 

Winter rolled around and we monitored the kid's weight.  He is growing and active but had not gotten much over 70.  I bought 2 more tickets on with a groupon type deal.  We weighed the kid at the dentist, at home and at school.   His weight was just under 75, subtracting 4 lbs according to the Navitat scales, he should just make it. 

We decided not to push the reservation back but go for it.  We arrived again, checked in, got weighed....  he was right at 70lb.  Good to go. 

The experience for me was.... meh.  The wife and kid had a blast.  I was having  a little bit of stomach gurgling, and had to constantly focus on relaxing so it didn't turn into an emergency "run" in the woods.  Might have been more fun if I didn't have to deal with that.  I don't do well in situations where I am not "free to move around".   I would recommend it though,  I just don't plan on paying the money to do it again.  But, the family wants to....

Sunday, the Fletcher Flyer loomed.   It was 2 weeks since P111K, and I had ridden my bike 2 times since.  What was I thinking?  I dusted off the single speed and got out to Oskar Blues for the start.   There was a good chance of rain and thunderstorms so that was exciting.  

They started the ride a little early and the leaders rolled by as I was getting ready.  I saddled up and almost caught the lead group before settling into  a good cadence.  

I was geared at 46x16,  a pretty spinny gear, but one that I could manage.  This was the first time I had tried this gearing,  last year's 46x17 was not quite enough.   I found that I was rolling on average around 20-22mph.  If I kept that average, I would wind up close to 5 hrs for the century.  I have never broken the 6 hr mark, and 6:10 was my fastest time a couple of years ago.  I held a steady pace, riding with several different groups and enjoying the scenery.   

The last 15-20 miles was the most difficult.  It was warm, around 80 and probably about 90% humidity.  My body just wasn't cooling off.  I force myself to keep drinking and ate another gel. 

I was thrilled to cross the finish at 5h34 mins!  PR by 31 minutes!   I'm not sure how or why, since I only rode 2x in the past 2 weeks.  The only thing I can figure is my legs were super rested... something to consider for the future!  

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