Monday, June 13, 2016

Takin a Break

 I've taken some time off the bike for a couple of weeks.  It is too stressful and nearly impossible to ride this time of year.  With Rhonda's weird schedule, the kid out of school etc.  So,  I don't try any more.  Instead, I spend time doing things that I have not had the time for.

Things like scrubbing the hull of the sailboat..... and going windsurfing.
 While spending 6 yrs in the Caribbean,  I picked up the sport of windsurfing.  This was my go to, my get away.  I would get a ride out to Sorobon, one of the windsurfing meccas of the world and stay out there all day,  jumping waves, and chasing sunbeams.  When I move to Charlotte I held onto the sport, but then moved to NE GA,  for college and it was not practical to keep chasing wind anymore.

Fast forward 19 yrs later, and I'm once again riding the wind.

That first day back on the water early this fall was simply amazing.  It was like reuniting with a child hood friend.  A friend who had taken me under her wind and guided me those day,  had helped me escape the life that had been chosen for me.  The friend who helped me see that I could be good at something,  helped me see outside of the boundaries that had been laid around me.

As exhilarating as that first day back on the water was though,  the experience woke up a lot of sleeping emotions that I had no clue were still there.  Once again, my old friend was helping me work through life! 

The wind is a quite different up here in the mountains than the trade winds in the Caribbean,  lots of gust and swirls,  but, I'm thankful that I can get back out on the water.  
I promised the kid that we would learn how to fish this summer.  He wants to catch bass.  I have only a slight clue how to catch bass.  We went to Dick's Sporting Goods, got some advice, bought some supplies and went fishing.  We have gone out  a couple of times over the past week with no luck.  Finally over the weekend, the kid caught a nice sized one!

I'm not that great at fishin',  but maybe the kid has hope!

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