Thursday, February 26, 2009


Today I get to stay home from work...and work. As Jubal says, we are getting a load of "concreke". We are pouring the slab. The ground has finally thawed enough that we can level the dirt and pour today.

I am also meeting with the developer from next door about the drainage from next door and how we can keep a river out of my yard. My property is below his and the drainage was not a problem back in the day when it was 1/2 and acre of grass growing. Now that there are 3 houses and a paved driveway, all the water immediately form a creek flowing through my yard at the edge of my deck.

The city was out yesterday talking to them and they have a plan that they want to run by me. We'll see how that turns out. I really don't want any of the drainage flowing through my yard. Depending on who moves in, there is no telling what kind of waste will be washed down. Any suggestions?

Have a great day

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Chris said...

Being from Chicago, where we engineer backward-flowing rivers daily, let me just say ... well, nothing. I got nothing. Good luck.