Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I never realised how much work goes into building an addition. I had originally considered doing this project myself. While I think that I could have done it. I am so glad that I am hiring someone to do it. If I had worked on it evenings and weekends, it would have taken about 1 yr. It is nice not to have the stress of tackling this project. And my training would be nil, and we cannot have that!!

The footers are dug:

Rebar laid:

And we are approved to move to the next step:

The next few steps will be to pour the footers/slab and then get started on the sub floor. Most of that should happen this week. Then when the framing starts, that will go fast too!!

As far as training, this is a rest week for me. Which means I get to take my time on my rides and do some skills work.

When I first got this bike I cut the handlebars just a little too short. But after riding it, I felt comfortable, or so I thought. Yesterday, I changed them for some longer ones and rode around on the skills course. I felt so much more stable. Interesting. The wider platform makes for more stability. I can't wait to get out on the trail and see how it feels.

Have a great day.

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Butch Greene said...

Go 27" on the bar width and you'll never go back!