Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Not enough and you get dehydrated, too much and you get dehydrated. Looking for that delicate balance makes me dehydrated!!! Namrita O'Dea continues to work with me on this. She knows her stuff, so if you have any nutrition questions, contact her.

Yesterday I did some tempo work on the way home from work. Getting back on the bike after roughly two weeks off is great, but I can tell that I have lost some strength and fitness. I usually recover pretty quickly though and this morning I feel good. I am still really encouraged about where I am and how well I was riding at Snake Creek Gap.

The house: we now have studs in one gable, they are coming to build the interior wall today, or get started on it anyway. I'll post some more pictures when that is done.

The insulation guy is coming this morning to give us a quote. It looks like we are going with the spray in Icynene insulation. We'll see after the quote.

Have a great day.


Chris said...

And your sodium utilization is highly personal! I'll tell you what: I realized when I switched to more natural/raw foods from processed stuff that I removed a ton of sodium from my diet. So I started adding salt to my Gatorade (they came out with Endurance Formula later, but I still use the base powder + salt), and lightly salting my dinner every night. That cut down the cramps big-time! Now, I balance the sodium intake with an extra banana on race days (I have one every day, and two on race mornings) ... and ... no more cramps ever, even in hard races!

My name is Stephen said...

Thanks Chris, I never cramp while riding....ever, that's why I think my problem is that I am not getting enough H2O. I'm getting too much sodium/electrolytes. I'm doing two long rides this weekend where I will be weighing myself before and after, and also keeping track of my intake of fluids/nutrients.
And bananas make me gag!!!