Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 9

I was a little concerned about the Thursday night ride last night.  Stress has a way of sapping energy.  The legs can feel fine, but the mind can be tired and lacking motivation. 

A lot of new guys showed up which was cool.  But this does change the dynamic of the ride quite a bit and things tend to get fast and less smooth. 

I was not feeling great and actually thinking about turning back and spinning home alone.  For some reason, I just wasn't able to get on it.  I felt sluggish and tired. 

At the second re-group, about 30 minutes into the ride, Kevin informed me that our avg speed was close to 22 mph.  Ok, so that's why I was hurting,  I was maintaining 22 mph,  I don't do that.  I don't train for that, and I can't ride that fast alone, on this terrain.  That explains why I was hurting so bad.  With that knowledge, I realized that I was not doing as poorly as I thought.  If our avg had been 18 mph, I would have been worried, but since I was pushing so hard, it was ok.

We wound around the farmland, with talk of splitting into two groups.  It almost happened a couple of times, but never did.  At one point I looked back and had a 50 yd gap,  I maintained my speed and looked back again, I had about 100yds.  Ok, cool.  I rounded the bend and headed down a small hill.  I didn't look back, just got aero and gently sped up.  With some luck, I could make the next two turns, and if the group got stopped by traffic, I could get out of sight.  Somehow, that is exactly what happened.  I got out of sight and I was redlined.  I kept spinning, eased off a little bit to recover, but for some reason, my heartrate would not drop, so I kept pedaling.

It's lonely out front.  Going solo.  Kind of the same feeling when one sticks up for what's right.  I can either fall back and drift with the crowd, or stick my neck out and go for it.  I like to think that I am a "go for it" kind of guy. 

This time, I went for it.  But to what avail, there was no prize, no real competition, I was not trying to prove anything to anyone, I knew that with the strong guys in the group behind me, I should not be able to stay out long.  Why did I do it?  

Because I wanted to.  I saw a chance and went for it.  That's life.  When you see a chance to go for something you do it.  When you see a chance to confront an issue, to make your surroundings better, to request respect, you do it.  Kindly and gently, but you do it.  Sometimes you take a chance and the people around you don't respond in a positive manner,  they are threatened by your courage, things don't turn out so well.  So what do you do?  Keep on taking chances.

Today, I took that chance and I stayed away longer than I thought I could.  It made me just a wee bit stronger, in my mind if not also in my legs and lungs. 

Halfway up a longish hill, I turned around and saw the group,  I upped the pace a hair, but just didn't have anymore to give.  Chris passed me and I jumped on his wheel. At the next  intersection, we regrouped.  It was getting dark and we took a short cut home.

Have a great day.

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