Monday, March 14, 2011


 After Saturday's interestingly fail/success ride, I set out again on Sunday for my typical Bent Creek Loop.  Riding down the Parkway, up Hardtimes and into the little corner of Pisgah called Bent Creek.  There were lots of people but I still rode alone the whole time.  

I was feeling good and put some speed into my workout.  Pushing up the little grunt climbs, up and over, breathing deeply, coasting down,  catching air (little air).
I had two goals today:  1.  clear my mind,   2. ride some logs.  
There is a log somewhere on Sidehill that has been bugging me for years.  I rode it once, but for some reason have not ridden it since.   I've been practicing, though.  At the local playground on the skinnies,  in the backyard etc.  I hoped today would be the day. 

 As I wound down Sidehill, the adrenaline was pumping.  The sky was bright and the views were clear,  the trail snaked out in front of me, leading me to the log.  I rolled up to it, gently lifted the front wheel up, shifted my weight and brought the back wheel up.  I was on the log and froze for a split second, let out a breath, and pedaled across.  Off the other end I let out a whoop.  (just to make sure it wasn't a fluke I turned around and rode it two more times).  

As I rode back down the road to my house, I felt good,  relaxed and had accomplished my 2 goals.  I ate some lunch with the fam,  loaded up the bikes and took the kid to the pump was a good day.

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