Monday, March 21, 2011


After spending 1/2 writing about the weekend, blogger kindly erased it.....
So, here is the summary:
Kid entertains self while I attend PAS/Pisgah FS volunteer meeting.  I'm proud to be one of 6 sawyers allowed to work.
The kid and I ride 8.5 miles on the Ecusta Greenway Trail in Brevard,  stopping at Poppies for an overpriced PB&J for lunch.

The kid takes great pictures, the two above are his.
The kid is worn out from his longest ride ever.  After getting home I went out for a 3.5 hr ride of my own.  I got busted for accidentally trespassing on Arboretum property.  The Security guard thought it was a big problem, the gate keeper thought it was fine....interesting.

Sunday, I had the opportunity to teach a kid how to ride a bike.  He had the foundational skills, just needed a little extra coaching.  After an hour of riding around the park, he did not want to stop!!

Getting kids on bikes:  that's what I do.

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