Thursday, March 24, 2011


 Went for a ride, because that's what I like to do.  It was warm and sunny, and I didn't have much on my mind.  My legs were tired and my sinuses were slightly irritated, so I just kept a smooth steady pace.

meadows and mountains
 I headed out on the loop that we do on Thursday nights at Liberty Bikes. Check out the Pedal Link Project! It is a fun loop with lots of rollers and a couple of grunts, interspersed with flats.  The winding roads take you past cow farms, tomatoe farms, Smiley's Flea market,  some rural neighborhoods, before an epic finish along Hendersonville rd, showcasing Asheville's finest corporate establishments!  That fast food never smells as good as at the end of  a hard ride. 

Sweet Pastiness
 My pasty white legs are eager to get out into the sunshine so they can turn a pasty pink for the rest of the summer.  Today, I brought my water bottles, filled with nuun, and my pockets bulged with Honey Stinger product.
This one is for you, Mike Keeley!
I decided to treat myself after the ride.  I rarely do this, but today felt right.  So I got some treats and relaxed in the warm sun.  The only problem with this is the 1 mile I have to climb before descending to my house.  Not a big problem, but it is uncomfortable nonetheless. 

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