Wednesday, February 29, 2012


2 year ago around this time, I caught the bikepacking bug. I tried to ignore it and make excuses. I tried to think up reasons that this new angle of the sport might not be so much fun. I tried to talk myself out of it.......

2 years later with a couple of trips under my belt, I am hooked.

There is something simple about self reliance. Loading up everything I will need for a 3 day trip and rolling out under my own power. Having a destination, but being unsure that I will make it there. On the other hand, I could make it there and then keep riding.

There is something special, something that reminds me how small and dependent I am on nature for survival, when I stop at a cold, clear mountain creek to filter some water. Laying awake at night, listening to the animals scurrying in the dark, going about there business, hearing sticks fall and the nearby stream talk and sing, is something special.

Lying so close to the moist dirt, under the canopy of trees brings a feeling of refreshment and energy that no amount of coffee can provide.

Then the night sounds go quiet as the darkness fades, invaded by light. The night animals sneak away into their homes. I watch for a few minutes as the sky turns various colors, depending on the mood of the weather and atmosphere.

I sit up and stretch, looking forward to another day.

Bikepacking, I'm hooked.

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Andy Amick said...

Stephen, well said and it is easy to get hooked. You've got some great areas to explore in Asheville too.