Wednesday, February 22, 2012


This has been one very mild winter and I have been loving it. Although I have not been able to get in any monster rides, with the help of some quick lunch rides, I have been consistent. Our Maple trees are budding, some of our flowers are blooming, and some of the freckles on my face are getting darker. Spring is in the air, along with the looming threat of a cold snap and the exciting possibility of a wicked snow storm.

While I'm not complaining about the mild winter, I would not mind doing some donuts in my truck in the snow.....

In the meantime, I found an adventurer's web-site. Alastair Humphreys. Way more raw and realistic than reality tv. This guy does some interesting things, one of which is microadventures.
I might have to try some of his ideas. Except for the one where they tried to live of the land for 4 days.

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