Monday, February 27, 2012


I rode out to Marshal on Saturday via the bakery loop route. Knowing that there were quite a few races going on, I rode alone, into the 20-40 mph winds. It was cold but warming. Without the wind, it would have been warm enough for minimal layers, but with the wind....

I ended up using so much energy getting out to Marshal, that I didn't have anything left to take advantage of the 20-40mph tail wind. I felt steady but not strong so I plodded home.

Sunday, I went out to the Bracken Mtn trail in Brevard, where we have been clearing corridor for a yet to be named trail builder to build 6 miles of new trail. It has been a fun and challenging task, wielding a chainsaw for 6 hours, cutting through Rhododendron and Mountain Laurel thickets. I come home dead tired, hopefully its good cross training.

Yesterday we finally completed the corridor clearing on the loop, and got a start on the connector to Pisgah. It is exciting to see the project from start to finish.

The City of Brevard is hoping for a finish date of July 1st!

This trail will become part of the Pisgah Traverse when it is complete. I'm planning on riding The Traverse again this summer. This trail will enable someone on the route to ride right through downtown Brevard.

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