Friday, February 24, 2012


It felt great to get out and ride in shorts and short sleeves. I stashed my arm warmers and vest in my jersey pocket just in case, but didn't think about them until I got home.

It was Thursday and my normal Thursday night riding partners bailed on me, one for a mtn bike ride and another for Papas and Beer... so, I headed out alone, as the sun was slowly descending , but not quite setting.

The smell of warmth in the forest is enough to make me want to lay down and take a nap. While the wind was blowing pretty hard, giving me a nice tailwind for the ride home, the trees and contours protected me while I was in the woods.

There were quite a few other people out there as well, some with dogs running around off leash, which is fine. But when the dude with 6 dogs that are out of control comes along, its not fine anymore. The rottweiler bounded and leaped directly in front of me, playing some sort of chicken game, and not moving until I changed my line. Then the WhyMORONer ran up next to me and attempted to bite my leg.

I have never found a WhyMoroner that even has a semblance of intelligence. I had a neighbor with 3 of these annoying dogs, they barked incessantly, at anything that moved, even grass. Then another time, I had one of these over grown mutts pee all over my food and supplies at a race. I have attempted to respect, and give these dogs a chance but yesterday was the last straw.

When the dog struck out, I moved my knee just enough that it was only able to nip, pinching the skin but not breaking it. Pinching it enough to make it sting for the next 20 minutes. I told the dude, who just grinned and kept walking.

So, WhyMORONer, if you see me coming steer clear.

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