Friday, July 06, 2012


The kid and I decided it was time to build a fort.  We had to do this on a budget though.  So once we got the frame built we collected some pallets to finish it off.  The result was pretty cool.  Then we had some leftover pieces, and my brain went to work.  The skids pushed the idea over the edge, so I used the saw to carve out the backs and sanded them down,  voila,  handhold.  I screwed the skids all the way across the bottom of the fort and up the outside.  Voila,  a bouldering cave!!  A couple of 2x 4's across the bottom of the cave for foot holds and we were climbing. 

The kid is stoked to be doing something other than ride bikes.  I am stoked to be sharing this sport with him.   I am also stoked to be climbing again.  Having climbed for about 10 yrs from high school on,  climbing played a big roll in my life, learning how to face challenges and persevere. 

The callouses are a bit lacking but I was pleased that after at least 10 years since my last climb, the  balance is still there. 
The kid took to it naturally.

Out of the cave and up the side.
A crag in my own back yard.   It doesn't get much better than this..... unless we had a halfpipe!

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The Evil MGE! said...

Nice! Awesome Fort you got there!ryz