Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Outrunning the Storm

The green blob on the weather radar split in half and faded.  It was time to head out the door.  There was another green blob on the horizon headed my way but I figured that if I kept a steady pace, and didn't have a flat, I could out run it and make it back home before it moved in. 

It was hot but not as hot as it has been.  The humidity was high, as evidenced by the sweat dripping off of my body.  I wound my way up Elk Mountain, following the strip of pavement, spinning the pedals, shifting the gears.  As I push, I realized that it had happened.  The moment when rider and bike become one.  Everything felt right,  no discomfort.  Just the smooth, stiff, responsive ride of a carbon frame and DT Swiss wheels.  

I gazed down the hill, into a yard, and noticed something large, black and furry.  A huge black bear lumbering down someone's driveway.  I had time to snap a photo, but it was too far away, and would not turn out well. 

Continuing up the mountain, I relaxed but stayed attentive,  watching and listening for the impending storm.  Cresting the ridge and flowing down the other side and onto the Parkway, the rain started to fall, but not hard. 

As I rounded the last turn homeward, the rain let up and the sky cleared,  no storm in sight.

I had outrun the storm that never was....

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