Monday, July 09, 2012

Weekend Fun

 After spending the day Saturday at the Hillcrest apartments helping with a kid's bike safety rodeo,  and then the evening and night at Shindig on the Green,  I was tired on Sunday morning.  But I pried myself away from watching the mountain stage of the Tour De France and went on  a ride of my own.  The temps were already climbing, and the humidity was high.  I coaxed my legs to keep spinning and gradually got up higher into cooler temps.  At the Craggy Gardens VC it was 72 degrees, windy and fog was pouring over the gap.  Perfect.  I refilled my bottles and headed back down the mountain.  Tired, I soft pedaled home. 
 After lunch and a nap,  I loaded the wife and kid and we headed back up the mountain to find some coolness.  We stopped at a creek, built a dam, and I sat in it until my legs were nearly numb and I was shivering... it felt great!  Crawdads, and salamanders were found, boats were made and fun  was had.
Back at home we raided the blackberry patch across the street in the vacant lot.  The wife made some awesome cobbler......

Another fun filled weekend.

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