Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I have been accused recently of being a roadie.   I can understand.  Someone mentioned that it boils down to percentage of time spent on the road bike vs the mountain bike.   I disagree.  I do spend a lot of time on my Foundry Ratchet,  and I do that with purpose.  I don't have the time and resources at this point to get out in the woods a lot.  In fact, except for the Trips For Kids WNC rides this summer, I rarely get to spend time in the woods on knobby tires.  The Foundry is a "tool, not a trophy" and I treat it as such.  I roll out the front door and get a ride in, and hopefully come back stronger,  and when the time is right,  I get to take my mountain steed to the woods for a run! 

I might ride the road a lot, but I would consider myself to be a mountain biker at heart....but in the end, really, who cares?  We are all out there enjoying the ride!

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