Friday, September 14, 2012


I'm done, finished.  It has been a fun ride, but its time to switch it up.  I have been riding the Thursday night Liberty Ride since it started up in March.   I have challenged and been challenged.   We have laughed, sweated,  dropped and been dropped.   I'm stronger now thanks to this group of guys and sometimes girls who show up. 

But the past couple of times out, I have found myself losing motivation, and last night, halfway through the ride, I realized that I am tired of it.   So,  I'm going to hang up my Thursday Night Road Ride shoes and get back to the dirt.   Last year, through the winter, we rode CX bikes around Bent Creek on Thursday nights and it was a blast.  More of a social ride than a hammer fest and definitely good for the head. 

Thanks Liberty for hosting another year of great riding.  Thanks Sam and Dave for occasionally joining us.  Thanks Liberty staff for working hard so Kevin could come out and play.  And last but not least, thanks Kevin for poking me in the side of the head when we you signaled the upcoming turns. 

See you in the woods!

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