Friday, September 07, 2012

I waited a long time for this.

3.5 years ago,  Brendan of Siren Bicycles built this frame to my specifications.  At the time, I simply did not have the money to do it right and build the new frame with all new parts.  3.5 yrs later, my dream came true and after working hard at a second job all summer long,  I was able to purchase a complete Shimano XT groupset.  

I even paid extra to have the Liberty Bikes mechanics team, set it up right.  

3.5 yrs later, new breathe is breathed into an old frame.  I'm still working to get the handlebar and stem upgraded, but for now,  I'm  just plain excited.  

 The brakes actually stop the bike when I pull the levers with almost no effort.  When I shift, I don't have to worry about pushing the lever just right so as not to overshift, and sometimes having to "double shift",  shift up two and down one, to get the gear I want.  I'm  so stoked on my new groupset.
Just in time for the Pisgah MTB Stage Race too!!

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