Monday, September 17, 2012

Pisgah MTB Stage Race

 Tonight was the opening ceremony.  Some slides, a little race brief, chatting with old friends and new,  good food, good times!   I'm ready to get started though.  After doing a lot of nothing this weekend, I am feeling sluggish and hungry to get on the bike.   With attendance a little low, the Open Men's and Women's Cats are now combined with Pro...I chose to ride in 40 plus before I new that signing up for Open Men would give me a shot for the cash,  a long shot...ok a really,  never mind.  I'm happy with the choice I made. 

 For the second time this year, I was handed the number 87.  Interesting,  what does it mean?  It means I'm going to get wet.  With a 100% chance of rain,  but that really has nothing to do with numbers.   It has to do with mud.  So I dug up a mud flap,   I have never used a mud flap,  tomorrow I'll try it out.

I hope it works.  I wonder if it will keep my white shoes white?   Prolly not.  That's racin.

I hope I sleep tonight.   If not I'll be wet and tired tomorrow...

Let's ride!

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