Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Magic Ride

 I got out for a magical morning ride in Bent Creek.  I have been busy lately, busier than I had ever imagined.   I've been making a lot of adjustments lately too.  Rhonda working full time...nights, sleeping all day,  Jubal back in school,  getting the shop up and running means less freedom to roam.  It is an interesting stage in life for me.  A stage full of hope, full of wonder, yet full of fear.  Fear of the unknown, the what ifs.  But I can't let fear stop me, or I give in,  quit.  I accept that the fear is there and continue on in faith, trusting that I, with the support of an entire community, am doing what is right for the good of the community.  That I,  by simply doing, am making this little corner of the world a better place.
 As I rode, I thought about what brings each of us to our unique place in life.  Where we are at any given moment and how we got here.  A series of choices, reactions and visions/dreams, stepping out to do what we love, what we are passionate about.   There are so many negatives that were eventually filled in by positives that have steered me towards being who I am today.

The interesting thing is that I did not plan to be who I am, or where I am. When I went to college,  a long time ago, I had other plans.  Plans that I hoped would be pleasing to then important people in my life.  As time went by, I realized that there was no pleasing those important people, and it was time to live my own life,  the way I wanted to live it.   So, I did.  I jumped at the opportunity to do something I am passionate about.  And while sometimes stressful, and frustrating,  I could not ask for more from life.
I make about $1 below minimum wage, and its ok.  I would rather eat beans and rice for dinner doing something I love, than eat steak every night chasing the proverbial American Dream.   And if I can inspire others to do the same, then its icing on the cake,  chocolate cake!

Ride on.


Megan said...

Rock on! I'm feelin' this post right about now...similar thoughts myself. Keep doing your thang!

ritchie said...

Amen brother! Amen.... Life is too short to do it any different.. I quit chasing the big money about 10 years ago and now drive a 2000 dollar car...AND proud of it......

ritchie said...

Amen brother Amen!!!!!! I quit chasing the big bucks 10 years ago. I drive a 2000 dollar car and am richer now than I have ever been in my life....It ain't about the bucks....When you figure that out you really start living!!!!