Tuesday, October 09, 2012

I went for a mountain bike ride, and pushed the pace,  I was feeling good and climbing well. Then I realized that there was no reason to push the pace anymore, other than for the sake of going fast.   I was about halfway through my ride, and I slowed way down.   It was a good feeling, to take the time to look around and enjoy the sights and sounds.  The leaves are well on their way to full on fall colors, with a lot of leaves already brown. 

It was chilly out too.  Arm and knee warmers, with a vest and I was warm climbing, and cool descending.  

As I rode, I pondered what is next for me cycling wise.   And I settled on one thing.  Exploring.  I enjoy the fast paced training, racing, recovering aspect.  But, more than that, I relish getting out and exploring.

I'm afraid that bikepacking has ruined my racing "career".    I'll continue to do some racing, especially fun ones, like Snake Creek Gap TT, Pisgah 111k etc.   I'm still undecided about other fun ones like 6 hrs of Warriors Creek and Burn 24.  Those races  are fun and all, but for now, bikepacking is calling my name!

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