Thursday, October 11, 2012

Richmond Hill

With a long meeting in the morning and the shop opening at 2pm,  I had just enough time to ride around Richmond Hill for a little over an hour.  My meeting was on that side of town so it worked out perfectly.  My focus was on skills.  Cornering smoothly, braking less, and I also spent some time riding the hairy little switchback that drops into a short rock garden.  This type of obstacle is one of my limiters and I end up walking a lot of stuff that I could ride, simply because I lack the confidence to ride it.

It might have something to do with trying to bunny hop a 2x4 when I was a kid and landing on my face because I caught the front wheel....

After riding down the rock garden, another guy rode up and asked if anyone ever rides the feature,  I told him that I just did but it took some practice.  I showed him a little trail that creates a little loop making it easy to ride repeatedly, then I went on my way.   The next time around the trail system,  I came to the same feature, and the guy, Zack, was there working on it.  I stopped and gladly gave him some pointers. 

I continued on enjoying the warm fall weather and fresh air when I was suddenly being accosted by a doberman, barking, lunging, threatening... off leash.  The lady said he has never bitten anyone, to which I responded" Not yet".  

I went on my way, and rounded another bend only to be accosted by the same dog, off leash.  This time I picked up a big stick and wound up to smack the dog across the face.  The owner called the dog off and it retreated.  I told the owner that I felt threatened and I would be calling the police if the dog ever did that again. 

That's when the question popped in my head,  if I walk down the trail, screaming and yelling, getting up in someone's face,  they would most likely call the police.  But somehow, if its a dog,  its ok.  I don't get it.  Dogs are fine, friendly dogs, but when a dog becomes a threat the story changes. 

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