Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Laurel Mtn

 I took a little out and back ride up Laurel.  It was chilly at my house, I needed a sweatshirt to stay warm,  so I dressed accordingly.  The temps on the other side of Yellow Gap were the opposite.  Warm,  shorts sleeves and shorts,  awesome. 

The leaf colors this year have been amazing, and while things seem to be fading to brown, there are still quite a few green leaves left in the trees.  It appears that we will have another week or so of color change.  It is especially obvious dropping back down after climbing up. 

I was out scouting some of the downed trees, deciding how soon we need to hike in to remove those.  After feedback from several different folks, who are at different skill levels, including an older backpacker, I decided that priority was low, and the logs could wait while we continue work on the new Lower Trace re-route. 
 Since I had some extra time I worked on a few of the techy moves that I always walk.  After about 4 tries, I was able to ride up one of the moves.  A small victory for me, and confirmation that my skills continue to improve: mtb skills camp anyone?   I was recently discussing how to maneuver a tight switchback with a downhiller friend, and learned a lot.  I have a lot to learn on the techy side and look forward to spending more time on the mountain bike this winter and into the future. 

One day, I might learn how to bunny hop......
In the meantime, I'll be enjoying the scenery!

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