Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Time Flies

It is October already.  The second day of October and time is flying.  It seems like it is getting dark earlier this year, and dark later.   Probably the government's fault...like everything else,  or not.

Bikepacking is pulling at me right now.   I have been considering a 6hr race coming up in a couple of weeks, but at the same time, my heart and soul are craving some riding/camping in the woods.  Going my own pace, stopping when I want to and not running from/chasing that person just up around the corner.   

The above picture is from the start of Stage 5.  We are tired, weary Pisgah Warriors, ready for battle, contemplating what is ahead,  in the next 5 hrs and next few days.   I have taken some time off the bike since the race.  I came out of retirement last week to ride the Liberty Road Ride one more time.  Kevin Hessler said he would be lonely without me.  It was good that I turned up, because the new guy thought it was his job to control the group of 5..... it was an interesting ride. 

A little known fact about me is that I used to be a quasi hippie.  We used to drive around in our van,  taking in the sights and riding bikes.  I was part owner of a small t-shirt company.  We screen printed a bunch of t-shirts.  I created a lot of tie dye t-shirts that we also printed on and sold.  It was a good period of life.  I miss the van but not the t-shirt business. 

And here is the bike that got me hooked on the endurance MTB scene.  SS Hardrock, and heavy as granite.  I rode that bike all over the woods,  ORAMM, 12 hr Cowbell, and a few others before upgrading to a Bianchi WUSS.  Things change. 

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