Friday, May 03, 2013


I'm starting to think that this is going to end up being the year of non rides.  But, I'm ok with that, because the result of changed plans is spending quality time with my kid.  Maybe I'm supposed to focus on the kid instead of focusing on when I can get out for days at a time.

I was looking at my calendar and realized that if I didn't change plans, I would miss the kid's final 2 soccer games.  One weekend would be really difficult to change, but the other is a no brainer.  I pulled the plug on the P111K.   This is actually a good thing.  With all of the rides and events in May, relating to Trips For Kids WNC,  taking kids on rides/ bike safety rodeos etc,  I have not been able to train consistently.  I'll have to remember not to take on any racing in May, June and July. 

I do still plan on trying to beat 5 hrs at The Fletcher Flyer though.  And if/when the window opens, I'll head out for some solo overnight adventures. 

Until then I'll be out back playing monster tag, kicking the soccer ball and making ice cream runs!

Enjoy the weekend!

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