Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day

My wife and kid made Sunday really special for me.  As most of you know today is a tough day for those without fathers who are involved in their lives, and so it is for me.   

The wife whipped up an awesome breakfast of eggs, biscuits, gravy and cantaloupe.   After stuffing ourselves we loaded up the canoe and headed out on a date with a French Broad.  I dropped the wife and kid off at the put in, and headed down to Asheville Adventure Rentals to drop off the truck and get shuttled back.
 We had a blast paddling downstream, stopping for lunch and a dip on the banks of Biltmore.  We paddled up the Swannanoa a couple of hundred yard, and then headed back down stream.   The second part of the trip was  a little more exciting, with some eddy catching and wave surfing.  The boat is long, and harder to maneuver than the solo boats I used to own, but the whole family was together and that makes me happy. 
. The kid said he liked it but he was bored.  That made me happy because it means he is ready for the next level of moving water!! 

After the river, we went home, took a nap, played around the house and headed out for some grub.  We were hoping for some appetizers from Jack o The Wood, but they had a limited menu today, so we headed to Ashville Pizza and Brewing.  

Stuffed for the second time in a day, we headed back home where the hammock consumed a lot of my time for the rest of the evening.

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