Friday, June 21, 2013

Thursday Night

Giant duck monster seen only in the reflection of the storefront.
A group of about 30 rolled out tonight.  I hung with the A pace until 191 when Kevin sent the A's ahead and we formed a nice steady B group.  Sam was absent, probably cutting his grass or watching football or something like that. 

Tonight I focused on enjoying the ride.  I was pretty excited after teaching a kid how to ride a bike earlier in the day.  I had hosted a Trips For Kids WNC ride with a group from Children 1st and one of the kids had to stay behind because he could not ride. 

I called the director and asked her to let me know the next time they went to the park, so that I could meet them there and work with him.  That happened yesterday and less than an hour later, he was riding and very excited about it!! 

That's why it was so infuriating, as we were riding single file down 280 (not the best road, but not the worst) due to a detour caused by bridge work.  I heard the car approaching, and turned my head to see if I was going to get hit.  I was surprised and angered when I saw the blacked out, dark grey Police style  Crown Victoria equipped with emergency lights in the front windshield (not flashing), buzzing our entire group of 8.  The cars in front and the cars behind this car gave us plenty of room and there is not reason that this one could not have done the same.  The driver was either careless or malicious. 

I pushed it to the back of my mind for the rest of the ride, but the rest of the group was shaken as well, and we continued to discuss the incident. 

We several of the guys were feeling the effects of some of the earlier efforts, so we attempted to set a steady pace.  When we got to my favorite climb on Hendorsonville Rd I hit the gas and broke away,  only to be stopped by a red light.  It happens every time, but one day,  I hope, I'll make it through....

Get out and ride, share the road, respect the stop signs!

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