Monday, October 14, 2013

Busy Weekend

 Fun filled weekend that we spent mostly together as a family, enjoying different events in our area.  Friday night we headed out to the Elaida Corn Maze.  Fun times.  I didn't know that there were other activities going on or we would have planned more time.  This was my first corn maze and it was pretty cool.  I'll go back next year!

 Saturday morning I headed up an effort to clean up the grounds around Oakley Elementary.  About 12 adults showed up and kicked some tail, getting things done.  The place is starting to look better, lots to do still so we'll keep chipping away. 

Home for lunch, then out to Pisgah Brewing to  help set up the AVLX course.  We set it up in a record 2 hrs and I was out of there to go watch my kid play soccer.  He is a great player!
 Sunday morning, up early for the Ride 2 Recovery.  I had planned on the 70, but something I ate had other plans, and after a rough night of little sleep, I settled for the 50.  This route proved to be challenging enough.  I started out at a chill pace, chatting with several different people. 
 I stopped for a little while at the first rest stop and got heckled by some first class hecklers...

I decided to head out of the rest stop,  knowing that I usually catch people or get caught.  I figured I would keep rolling my own pace and latch onto a group later.  I passed one guy and then rode the remaining 30 miles alone.  Oops, so much for a social ride!  The route was very well supported and the people very friendly.  For participating we got a cool tech-t and a finishing medal.  And the ride supports wounded veterans!
 I  quickly rode home to gather the family and head out to the AVLCX races.  The kid did awesome at the kid's bike race.  Placing 3rd,  I'm so proud!

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