Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I think I finally recovered from the early morning last week.  Call me soft, but the only other recent time I have been up before the sun is on bikepacking trips.  Why waste perfectly good darkness on being awake.

Speaking of bikepacking, the TNGA is on my radar but with the ongoing house remodel at the top of the priority list, it might be a while. 

I usually don't get into politics very much.  For some reason, the recent ACA and government shutdown debacle is on my radar.  Politicians will play their games, with no other intention that to fill their own coffers.  This is a generalization and there are a handful who I believe on working for the people.   There is nothing wrong with making money though.  The problem I have is when you are doing it at other people's, hard working people's expense.   That is wrong.

And now the country will be in debt by about 16 Trillion when the new year rolls around.  What happens when we can't pay it off, and who do we owe that much money to?  Time to cut back on some politician's paychecks...
And on top of the politician's antics, the insurance companies, which are money making machines...at the expense of commoners , are jacking up their premiums?  

What next? 

I thought about skipping this post, don't want to bring you down.  But these things have been on my mind.   The above actions challenge me even more to love my neighbor, and help my fellow human.  It spurs me to continue to provide bike to the communities youth so that they can experience the joy of riding and all the positivity that comes with it.

Maybe I should take a load of bikes to the white house and take Congress for a spin....

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