Wednesday, October 02, 2013


Nine days off the bike, by choice and for good reason.

We bought this fixer upper house 9 yrs ago and have been working on it ever since..... when the finances are available.  It has been a long road and lots of cussing, spitting and learning.

Below is one of the before and after pics.  I'm too tired to go in depth about it.  It was a challenge equal in difficulty to any bikepacking trip I have done.  And the reward is just as fulfilling!

We are now one step closer to realizing our dream home!


after (during)
I finally got to go for a ride again yesterday.  It felt great.  Just a 1.5 hour spin through Bent Creek. 
Then when I was loading bikes for the Oakley Elementary Bike Club,  I reinjured my back.  Time to take it easy for a while and let the body recover. 

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Jesse Morrison@Jon Wright Industries said...

Seems like you still have a lot to do with the house, but the siding was already a good start. It changed the house's exteriors, at the very least. I can only imagine what transitions have been going through inside. Would be checking in from time to time for your updates!