Monday, March 03, 2014

Fun vs Fun

Last night the low temps were forecast in the mid 40's.   It was go time.  I've been cooped up inside for the winter and have not slept outside since last summer. 

I rallied some friends to go with me, but with the chance of rain in the early morning,  they wisely canceled.  So, it was left to me to get the job done.  In between taking the kid for a ride at Bent Creek and taking the family to the Lego movie,  I got my bike prepped and my gear packed.

I waited until after dinner to roll out, maximizing family time.  As the sun set, I headed up the road, and as darkness fell, I was on the Parkway heading towards a preplanned nook in Pisgah. 

As I rode, I enjoyed the warmth in the air and looked forward to what this year has to offer. 

Then I started having second thoughts.  I started going through the mental check list of why I was feeling the way I was.  Feeling like turning around and heading home.  Unable to figure it out, I compared laying out in the woods alone, by myself, all night,  to tucking my family in, kissing them goodnight, being there when they wake up,  getting the kid to school etc.   

After comparing the two, I realized that I don't enjoy both equally.  I then remembered that I am supposed to be having fun.  And I was having fun, but I knew that around 3am,  when I was wet and cold,  I would be having a whole lot less fun.   I realized that being with the family was going to be the most fun.

I turned my rig around without regret and slowly spun my way back home.  I figured that I should enjoy my time out there since I was there.

I got back home and explained to the family why I was back.  It made sense to them and although they didn't say it,  I think it made them feel really special.  

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