Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Blue Bird Sky on an Early Spring Day

 Temps just above freezing.  Fingers feeling it.  Breathing heavy,  soaking in the cold clear mountain air.  Spring is springing in town but not up here in Pisgah..  The cold duff almost screams for some warm sunshine.  The seeds and buds wait in anticipation to break through last fall's leaf cover. 

The cold mountain stream rushes, feeding the roots that reach out.

The air is still and the sky clear and bright blue.  I had the woods to myself,  peaceful, quiet.  Climbing up and gliding down the trails.  Relax, breathe, think. Breathe, relax.
 Places to go, people to see,  but not right now,  one more trail,  one more climb,   just to stay a little longer.  Avoidance?  Perhaps,  more like making the most of the moment, where I am here and now.  Not allowing the experience to slip away without milking it.  This is what I came for,  no need to rush away. 
And then I was back in the lot, loading up and heading back to civilization......

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Asheville Steve said...

You know, I recently read a book that taught me a lot about really living in the moment-- the "Now". In the end, this is the only aspect of time we ever actually experience, but so many people end up missing many of the things that could make them happiest. So, I'm happy to hear that you were really willing to milk what sounds like an amazing personal experience. That really can define living in the movement.