Friday, March 21, 2014

It begins, again

The Thursday night Liberty Road Ride started up again last night. 

We rolled out with an A and B group forming on the climb past Biltmore baptist.  I stayed back in the B group hoping for some smooth steady paceline action.   Several of the riders were a little rusty and needed some coaching but we managed to roll through several times.  I focused on staying smooth and not killing myself. 

The air was almost warm but with a strong wind, the temps felt pretty chilly.  Somehow, I had layered perfectly and was comfortable for the whole ride. 

I was wondering if the 1- 1.5 hr single speed  MTB rides had been doing anything for me.  While the legs quivered and  burned occasionally,  I felt surprisingly good. 

As I type this I'm not feeling as badly as I have in the past.  I guess I'll keep riding single speed MTB for a while! 

Towards the end of the ride, my SRAM front derailleur did something weird, jamming the chain and leaving me almost unable to shift into the big ring.  That was slightly frustrating, but that's the way it goes.  I'll be stopping by Liberty Bikes and letting them work on it.  I tried and it didn't work out for me. 

This year I have less aspirations other than ride my bike.  Let in the year when I am stronger, I'll probably try to hang with the A's periodically,  but will most likely be riding in the B group.   And if I'm not feeling that.... might drop off the back and spin around the countryside alone!   I burned myself out last year and don't want that to happen again!

Looking forward to next week. 

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