Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Ridin'

 Friday I got out for a quick loop in Bent Creek,  almost warm but not quite.  Did I mention it is nice not to be following a training plan at this point in the year? 

Saturday I met with Pete who was taking some beginners for a loop in Bent Creek.  I love being with people who love introducing people to the love of mtn biking.  Lots of love! 

Fun times ripping it up, riding with a nurse, a banker, a family who recently moved here from France.....  good stuff.

Sunday, cold and rainy, but I didn't want to be couped up inside all day.  I grabbed the ss cx and headed out again, to Bent Creek.  It was cold, I was cold, then I was cold and wet.  As David Noletti said, it was still better than rollers.  I agree, but next time I probably just won't ride. 

This week is go time for Trips For Kids WNC,  4 different bike clubs starting up!  And meetings, and The Bicycle Thrift Shop.... and another major step in the renovation project. 

I'm gonna need a sabbatical,  how do I apply for one?

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