Tuesday, June 17, 2014

ORAMM Training

 I took off Saturday for an ORAMM training ride.   I was trying out a couple of things and was hoping the results would be positive.

The main thing was my nutrition.  I was going to find out if I could make it without a Camelbak.  Just two bottles.  For some people, this is a no brainer,  but I've grown accustomed to needing more water.  Recently, I realized that I am probably diluting any electrolytes that I am consuming.  The cool water feels good temporarily,   but of the course of 3-4 hrs, my body is lacking the necessary minerals compared to the amount of water I am taking in.

So, I started out with two bottles, one with sports drink and one with nuun.  I planned on refilling at the spring on Curtis Creek Rd, and was hoping to find some water at the seep on the way down Heartbreak.

The other thing I was trying out was my single speed gearing.  I wanted to see how the 32x21 worked for me on a longer ride.
 I parked at the geyser and headed up into the woods onto Star Gap.  The air was cool and felt like it stayed that way all day.  Later people talked about how hot it got, but when I finished up, my thermometer read 75.  I enjoyed the cool,  and hoped it would be like this on race day.  Speaking of race.  I'm not racing this year, I'm finishing.....

Up and over the gap, down onto Jarrets Creek Rd,  winding, climbing, cruising.  The gravel grind was uneventful and I popped out on Curtis Creek Rd.  Here I was spun out.  But I took the opportunity to relax and maintain a low heart rate.  I started climbing and was feeling great.  As I neared the spring, I emptied my bottles.

I continued to enjoy the cool lushness.

I thought ahead to the climb and realized that it might not be a good idea trying to make it the rest of the way on only two water bottles.  I considered that on race day, there would be 3 more water stops between here and Heartbreak and that if I could make it today, I would definitely make it then.  I got back on the bike, ready for the climb.

I assumed a steady pace.  Knowing that if my heart rate stays too high to long, I overheat and I'm done.  I pass a couple of people on the way  up and we chat briefly while we ride.  Once I reach the parkway, I'm halfway through my bottles and wish I could drink more.  I know I need to stretch it, so I do.

South on the Parkway, I lookout over the ridges and valleys of the Appalachian mountain range.  I'm so privileged to live in a place like this.  48 mph down into the gap and then another climb up to the Heartbreak trailhead.  The hike a bike does not seem to be as difficult as I remembered.  Either I'm stronger, or I'm more in control of my effort and not about to blow up.

In fact, I'm feeling really good. I can almost stay on top of my gearing but consider going with a 32-22 on race day so I can spin more.
I'm almost out of water as I ride down Heartbreak.  I could definitely use a full bottle.  I know I can refill at the creek at the bottom, but I stop at the seep.  The trickles are running pretty good and it takes me about 10 minutes to fill up and mix my sports drink mix.  I'm closer to getting this nutrition thing dialed.  4 hrs and nothing solid to eat except a granola bar and a pack of Pro Bar blocks.  This will be my 3rd bottle of sports drink holding about 400 calories. 
After filling up, I drink and my body is happy.  I cruise down the hill, considering how my body feels and coming to the conclusion that I definitely have it in me to climb Mill Creek rd,  if only I had the time. 

I'll save it for another day. 
Another good ride finished up.  I'm actually excited about finishing ORAMM this year.  This thing has been my nemesis.  I won't get caught up, I'll go my own pace...

...enjoy the ride!

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Chris Gordillo said...

How was the race? What time did you finish it in. I'm from south Florida so training for this isn't going to be easy.