Friday, June 06, 2014

Thursday Night Ride

We met up for the ride and a huge storm cloud greeted us.  Taylor suggested going north.  I wanted to do the same route and risk getting wet.  I can be stubborn sometimes, and a little rain isn't going to change my ride.  I went along with the group and we wound our way through Biltmore Forest, down Meadow Rd and eventually up the side of Town Mtn. 

I was frustrated with the route change and my thoughts quickly went to what I am trying to teach my kid: our ideas are not always better and its ok in certain situations to go with the flow. 

So,  I went with the flow.  Took too long of a pull at the front and dangled and got dropped. 

Taylor and Rebecca waited up and we formed a gruppetto up and over the top.

After a quick break, we headed down the parkway.  I got excited and went towards the front, then realized that with my skills,  I would be better off following someone down.  Might be able to learn something. 

It was fun bombing down the grade past Haw Creek Overlook with a dozen skilled riders.   We were like falcons diving in on our prey.  Tucked in, aero,  constantly watching around us, yet focused on going faster.  Down, we dove,  gliding on little slivers of rubber.   Close to 50 mph.  And then we were at the bottom with only a few miles to go.

The last couple of miles was a more social pace.  The cloudy skies started to let go of some moisture, sprinkling us.  I peeled off and bid farewell.

I look forward to the high paced training sessions on Thursday night, but after letting go and going with the flow,  I ended up enjoying tonight's ride. 

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