Friday, June 13, 2014

Thursday Night Ride

Well.  Tonight, I thought my number was up.  Once again the group decided to ride north up the mountain rather than go the normal route.  Some felt it would be more chill, others didn't want to get wet.  I wanted some long flattish high speed interval type work out, but that was not going to happen tonight.  Hopefully next week.

We headed through Biltmore Forest, single file and stopping at the stop signs.  Through Biltmore village, and out Meadow rd.  Just after we crossed onto Wyman St, I was following Kevin.  He signaled to point out a road hazard which I simply did not see.  We were rolling along about 25 plus mph this point.  I ran over the large chunk of metal.  It was big enough to cause my bike to jerk and bounce,  my left hand slipped . 

I had been listening to the car approaching and slowly gaining on us,  it was just behind me and to my left.  As my bike jumped and my hand slipped, my body shifted and I leaned and veered left.  In that split second, I knew that I was going down.  I knew that I would land on my left hip and that the car, if they didn't hit the brakes would fold me under the front bumper.  All that crossed my mind in the split second. 

And then suddenly, I was upright and rolling again.  I never hit the ground, never got smacked by the car. 

I almost quit and went home.  I could not explain how I stayed up right.  I'll chalk that one up to miraculous.  I'm glad to be in one piece.

We decided to head up Elk this time instead of Town.  I figured that if we were out here, we might as well get a good work out.  Most people were game. 

Jamie and Chris told me to attack at the bottom.  I did, but I was in the middle of a snack and there was a head wind so I got reeled in.  Then the suffering started.  I don't know how long it took, but at 104% HR almost the entire way, I pushed as hard as I could.  Jane just in front of me, and Chris Brown just behind me. 

At the top, south on the parkway and then down Town Mtn.  I rolled my own pace and got dropped,  I need to take a skills camp with the focus on descending! 

As I looked out over Asheville, I could see the rain coming and we ended up getting the edge of the storm.  Immediately cooled down, it felt good. 

Riding through my neighborhood, cooling down, chatting with neighbors.  Home to family and leftovers. 

Good ride.

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DMZ said...

Wow! Makes one think a little deeper about things. Glad you safe old friend.