Thursday, August 20, 2015

Back at It

Dropping the kid off early gives me a couple of extra hours to get things done and go for a ride.  I'm planning on being a bit more disciplined this year and getting out the door earlier, so I can have some extra time in the saddle. 

I registered for the Pisgah MTB Stage Race yesterday, and I'm looking forward to actually training for it this year. 

I rode up Elk Mtn and was warned of bears,  they must have gotten spooked because I never saw them.  But, as I rounded a bend on the Parkway,  a 6ft tall mama was standing on her hind legs looking around.  I stopped about 75 yrs away to take a picture, but she dropped on all fours and pounced a little giving me a short warning charge.  I put the camera away and backed of some more.  Her movements happened so fast and smooth, I didn't realize what she was doing.  Had I been stupidly  close, I would not have know what hit me.  

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