Friday, August 21, 2015


 Another Thursday night ride went off and I almost didn't make it home.  After spending last week at the beach and the first half of this week hangin' with the kid and off the bike,  my legs were C quality.  And it hurt.    I managed to have fun though because I was on the bike. 

I find that I tend to talk less on the bike than I used to.  Observing and absorbing what is going on around me.   Focusing on my pedal stroke and trying to be be smooth. 
 A dozen folks showed up and Andy Kimble is now leading the B group which makes it nice for folks who get dropped from the A group.  Especially if it is new people, who don't know where they are.  I remember asking a farmer outside of Shelby for directions once when I got dropped from that group. 
I looked fast though thanks to Kevin Hessler.  I wore Liberty Bike's new kit and some sweet Defeet socks.  The designs are wild and as always, the socks are comfortable.  

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