Sunday, August 16, 2015

End of Summer Blues

 Back in town, school starts in 3 days, end of summer blues in full effect.  I have memories as a kid of coming home and being so depressed.  I can think of plenty of reasons why, but to tell that is for another time and place.  On the way home from family vacation yesterday, I was happy that my kid was bouncing off of the mini van walls, excited to be heading back home.  It makes me feel really good that I have had a part in providing a safe and happy place for him to grow up.  

We spent several days in Charleston and learned a lot about each other,  bonding, encouraging, laughing.   The wife and kid take after me and like to squeeze everything out of each moment, to the point of misery!  

Day 1 we put the sailboat in and successfully motored over to the Charleston Maritime Center where we were greeted by George, the guy who had helped us during last year's sailing adventure.  We docked the boat and headed to East Bay Deli.  This is quickly becoming a tradition for us.  The deli is delicious and within walking distance.  

With full bellies we headed over to the SC Aquarium.  Always a fun time of wandering around and looking at different fish.  This year's highlight was watching a little kid fall in the shark tank...  he was fine,   the sharks will probably need some counseling. 
 After the Aquarium, we sailed around the harbor looking for dolphins and made it safely back to Remley's Point. 

The second time we launched into the harbor was a little more eventful.  We again motored over to the Charleston side to dock and lunch in town.  Instead of lunch right away, we caught the free trolley, and rode around town looking for somewhere to eat.  Time went by and we finally decided to make our way back to East Bay Del.  We should have done that first.  It was hot and we were tired and hungry. 

After getting wrong directions from a cop and a grocer,  we flagged down a bike taxi.  He wanted $15 to take the 3 of us 5 blocks.  We talked him down to $10.  Expensive but we were hurting,  and it was fun. 

After lunch, the kid wanted to visit the open air market, so we found a cluster of bike taxis and I asked how much for the ride.  A girl spoke up and said $16.50 per person.  I told her I only had $15 cash,  that was it.  She offered to take me by an ATM.   Hmmmm.  Then I noticed that there were 2 different companies represented there.  I looked at the guy next to her and offered him the $15.  He agreed but then the girl got pretty upset and said I couldn't do that.  I told her this is America and we operate on a system of supply and demand.  (I'm not sure that was the right terminology but it was the first thing that came to mind).  After a little more back and forth, the girl got mad and rode away, leaving the completion with a fare!  And I paid what I had in my pocket! 
 By the time we finally made it back to the boat and out into the harbor, the wind had kicked up and the chop and swells were rolling in.  I was having a blast but the family was not convinced.  They aren't used to these conditions (yet) and weren't so excited.  We made our way safely back to Remley's Point and trailered the boat.
 We also spent plenty of time at the beach.  Since I was 13 yrs old, I have wanted to learn how to surf.  This summer, I finally bought a surf board and was able to spend a good bit of time on the water.  While conditions were not great,  I was definitely able to figure things out and stand up on the board catching some of the waves.  I learned that timing has to be near perfect to get the momentum needed to stabilize the board and pop up ( going from laying to standing)!   

Another dream realized! 

 The last day is always a mix of emotions, everybody worn out and wanting to stay just a little longer.  We stretched time as much as we could and headed back to the cool fresh air of the mountains.....
We are already talking about the next trip. 

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