Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Back To School

Good luck, little buddy!   You got this.  You are a smart little dude and you have a great life ahead of you.  Take advantage of every chance you have to make yourself a better person.  It will be hard, challenging, but it will also be fun and rewarding.

I know it is scary and frustrating, but I know you can handle it.  Or else I wouldn't make you do it.  Just remember,  there are a bunch of other kids who feel exactly like you do right now.  The teachers and staff understand and they are there to help. ( and discipline if necessary ).    Stay out of trouble, choose good friends,   be a great friend, be a leader, be a servant,  respect yourself, respect others. 

You are going to do some cool stuff and I look forward to being there with you on your journey.

I am proud of you and proud to be your dad!

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